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PCA Skin® 4% Pure Retinol Peel: Before & After

by Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa

PCA Skin® 4% Pure Retinol Peel… What is it, and why do you want it? A blend of 4% pure retinol and anti-oxidants, PCA Skin®’s first pure retinoid peel improves skin texture, brightens and evens skin tone and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles through accelerated cellular turnover. PCA Skin® 4% Pure Retinol Peel The Treatment […]

Are You Scared of Chemical Peels?

by Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa

We are here to shed the layers of concern for those still-undecided on the benefits of a good, rejuvenating, modern chemical peel. With the holiday season around the corner, this is the best time to start a series of advanced treatments and chemical peels. Why? Just imagine your favorite aunt Helen and her annual close-up […]

Can I Use Retinol in the Summer?

by Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa

Retinol in the Summer?? Yes, yes and please yes! One of the biggest myths in skin care is that you should stop using retinol in the summer because it will make your skin more “sensitive.” This is pretty much a telephone-game version of what happens.  Retinol is vitamin A, and vitamin A is sensitive to […]

How do you choose your skin care products?

 According to, the global skin care market will reach $121 billion by 2021. Considering the average person’s skin covers an area of 2 square meters and accounts for about 15% of your body weight, it’s no wonder that skin care is the largest category in the cosmetics industry, accounting for nearly 40% of the […]

Saving Your Style

by Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa

We have unusual conversations in a hair salon.  Outside of work I don’t recommend wrinkle creams, talk hair removal or swap foot callous stories.  But, I work in a (pretty awesome) salon and spa and, when in Rome……  So, over the years I have heard some off-the-wall beauty secrets.  Some tried and true; some not […]

HoLiday fL(H)aiR

by Char Panico Muffitt

If you’re like me, taking time to plan out your “holiday style” can help you feel less stressed and more beautiful for parties, photos and those special dinners with loved ones. So, what’s the best advice my professional colleagues and I can give you for the holidays? Pamper and primp, but save the new dramatic […]

The blog about why your next massage is a necessity, not a luxury…

by Char Panico Muffitt

Disclaimer: Everything you think about massage, and why it’s a luxury you “just can’t afford,” is about to implode!  Send this to the Mrs., cc: the hubby and Facebook every friend and fan.  Your massage is really your gift to them all!  They can thank you (and us) after a relaxed, drama-less, healthy holiday! With […]

Our Five Favorite Things Today

by Char Panico Muffitt

Here we go…Our Five Favorite Things Today!  In this month’s issue, we are sharing five of our own experts’ Favorite Things! It’s not unusual for the Joseph Michael’s team to talk about and share our “must-haves” behind the scenes; and I am more than happy to pass on our professional tips and tricks that keep […]

The Great Shampoo Debate

by Char Panico Muffitt

With so many shampoo types and brands and trends, it is overwhelming, and more than a little bit intimidating, to pick the perfect poo.  In this article, we demystify the plethora of shampoo (and “un”-shampoo) options and recommendations that are flooding your magazines, HuffPost feed and non-stop TV commercials. Let’s jump right in by debunking […]