As a Hair Color Specialist for nearly three decades, I am frequently asked about the latest trends in color.  This year, especially, I am increasingly pleased to see that, like fashion, the focus is more and more on what works best for the individual, making everything ‘in’ as long as the look is flattering and well-executed for YOU. The good news is that hair color is not just for covering gray anymore, thanks to pleasing palettes and shades, more conditioning tints, and technique-enhancing tools. From the latest hot-cinnamon-red-brown to the spicy icy platinum and everything in-between, whether you desire color all over your head or subtly woven through with peek-a-boo pieces, your colorist is happy to help you customize the tones to complement your warm or cool skin tone, your professional image, and your unique personality!

The right haircolor for you can simply mean brightening or deepening your natural tones.  
Of course, it can also be formulated to be as dramatic and noticeable as you like!

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  • Let Your Colorist Play! The biggest trend in haircolor today is the free-form application of highlights or lowlights.  Don’t be intimidated by terms like “Balayage” (a French term meaning “to paint”) or “Flying Colors” (the term coined by Sassoon Colorist Annie Humphreys), because all you really need to do is describe the look you’re thinking of—whether donned by a celebrity or what dances in your imagination. In our image-driven profession, pictures say a thousand words! We encourage you to bring photos to your appointment, whether in print or on your phone.  Like a chef in a kitchen, your stylist has a million formulations available in our dispensary, so it’s best to consult at length for optimal satisfaction.

Tip: The word “light” can mean either a light blonde shade or to convey the subtle use of color. Terms like “warm” and “cool” also communicate a wide range of tones, so always clarify terminology used when consulting with your stylist.

  • Prepare To Care For Your Color. There are colors that wash out completely (semi-permanent), color that fades away gradually (demi-permanent), and permanent color or lighteners that remain, growing out with your hair until cut off. Even the highest quality haircolor products require companion shampoo, conditioners, and styling products designed to keep your color fresh, shiny, and healthy.

Keep In Mind: Think of your hair like a Cashmere sweater you wear every single day! If you’re spending the time and money for fabulous haircolor, you’ll want to keep your color as brilliant and lasting as possible.  Different colors and color techniques benefit from different types of color support, so ask you colorist what will work best for you before you leave the salon with your beautiful new masterpiece!

  • Pair With The Right Haircut.  If you don’t have ideas of your own, allow your colorist to suggest the levels and tones of your color options as well as the subtle or bolder techniques to be used—especially the way your color can enhance a particular or current shape.  Not only important considering creative applications of vivid brights or pastels popular with the artistic client, strategically applied haircolor is designed to harmonize with the haircut and style that’s right for you.

Amy Everett According to Amy Everett, Joseph Michael’s Director of Education, color and shape go hand-in-hand. “It’s all about adding dimension and creating movement. I like advising my clients to stay longer in the summer because longer hair will naturally have more movement and flow.  Longer hair also gives you more options.  On a really hot day you can pull it up off your neck.  One of my favorite things to teach my clients throughout the summer is cute ‘wet’ Updos that are super easy and look so chic at the pool.  Of course, everyone’s summer is different and therefore their ‘hair needs’ will vary.  I love roll playing with my clients as we picture their summer activities. Sight-seeing in Europe hair is different than Mother of the Bride hair or hanging out at the pool hair.”

Amy also sees haircolor and trends reflected by the season.

“Color tends to be brighter in the summer. Besides getting rid of split ends, I also do lot of glossing due to sun and chlorine damage.  One of my favorites is to do a Ruby Red gloss on dark hair that sparkles in the sunshine without really changing the color of the hair since it’s just a gloss.” 

Additionally, while her work as an educator incorporates the technical side of cutting and coloring, her artistry as a Master Stylist takes into consideration the whole client and her activities.

“I don’t like to put highlights just on top of the head, but also underneath so you can see them when her hair moves.” She adds, “In the summer, I like my client’s hair to sparkle in the sun and be pretty when it blows in the wind—like when she’s riding her bike.” 

So, whether you’re trending with the bolder “Ombre” of contrasting dark-to-light colored ends, or the more subtle “Sombre” with intermittent placement of lighter color for slight gradation towards the ends, whether you want natural-looking highlights, “guy-lights” or dip-dyed ends, allow your professional stylist to help find just the right color and service to customize your desired look and maintenance (or lack of maintenance for a one-time color that grows out naturally with ease!)

Take Note:
At Joseph Michael’s, we use only the highest quality haircolor brands from Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, and Redken. Consultations are always FREE in person, by phone, or via Skype, and our stylists are happy to customize your color-filled desires before, during, and after your service.

Char Panico Muffitt, author and educator, is Joseph Michael’s very own Hair Color & Texture Specialist.  In addition to happily serving clientele, she is presenting her PERSONALITY POWER image seminar to groups all over Chicago-land.  You can view her detailed bio, along with all of our amazing talent, here.
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