At Joseph Michael’s it is our sincerest intention and commitment to serve you by being the best salon and spa in Chicago. In order to do that, we want to give YOU, our clients, what you want every time you visit. With this in mind, we will be offering a series of articles dedicated to tips and tricks that will help you achieve your goals, during your visit or at home, whether your beauty service desires are for your appearance or for your soul.


Because salon and spa professionals combine their specialized education with their creative art and unique personalities, the range of techniques, formulas, and service options make them like chefs in a kitchen- full of every spice imaginable at their disposal. This can be for you, the client, a bit overwhelming.

The solution?  Convey what you want in the most important part of the service: The Consultation.  Unless you want your stylist, therapist, or technician to do whatever they want (which we encourage you to express, if that’s the case) keep the following tips in mind for the best possible service:

  • Talk, talk, talk! Think about what you want to say before your appointment—especially what you liked and didn’t like about services you’ve had in the past. Whether you prefer consistency or change, verbalize your preference so that your service is adjusted to meet your dependable or new request. NOTE: Keep in mind that your stylist or technician has serviced dozens of clients since your last visit, so telling her you want “the same as last time” should always include clarification of what it was you liked so much to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Listen carefully. Before I knew who the Rolling Stones were, I knew the lyrics, “You can’t always get what you want…”  It was my dads favorite song and it took me many years to appreciate it for what it meant.  Hear your stylist or technician when he says you can’t have what you’re asking for. Your desires may pose a challenge given your current condition, or your request may require a “journey” to reach your final goal. REMEMBER: The changing and evolving canvas of your hair, skin, and nails explains why you may not be getting the exact same service every single time.
  • Bring pictures. In the spa, being prepared ahead of time to tell your spa technician whether you prefer a “gentle” or “firm” touch gives her a line of questioning to pursue. Terms like “sophisticated”, “fashionable” or “conservative” are a great springboard for your stylist, too. Pictures, however, say a thousand words for hairstyles, make-up and nail art. Take the time to peruse favorite photos from a magazine or even from your own album when you loved your look. TIP FOR HAIR IMAGES: After you’ve chosen 2 (and no more than 2) images resembling your own natural skin and hair tones and texture – cover the subject’s face with your thumb to be sure it’s just the hair, and not the overall image , that is catching your attention.
  • Reiterate your desires if necessary. Prior to the service being completed, if you have a concern about the way something is looking or the way a treatment is being administered, don’t hesitate to stop your salon professional before it’s too late. Questions and complaints are gifts to the stylist or technician who appreciate the opportunity to reevaluate the approach if another direction is required in order to please you.
  • Keep your own notes. This is especially important when you are pleased with your service! Take a “selfie,” measure the length of your locks, write down your favorite nail color, or jot down notes specific to your favorite techniques, products, or scents. Even if you see your stylist or technician regularly, he may not always recall your initial ideas or preferences.

ATTENTION! Joseph Michael’s is the first to offer the Virtual “Skype” Consultation to speak LIVE, one-on-one, with any staff member about particular salon or spa services, products, or specialties. While we encourage everyone to visit the salon for always-free in-person consultations, being able to make an appointment to chat with a salon professional from the comfort of your preferred location, at no charge, is such an innovative idea that we were featured in American Salon magazine for being the first to offer it in Chicago!

Call us (312-482-9800), email us, or schedule a video chat for your questions about hair, skin, or nail services and feel free to drop us a line with your ideas for topics you want to read more about.


Char Panico Muffitt, author and educator, is Joseph Michael’s very own Hair color & Texture Specialist.  In addition to happily serving clientele, she is presenting her PERSONALITY POWER image seminar to groups all over Chicago.  You can view her detailed bio, along with all of our amazing talent, here.
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