JM’s Botanical European Facial
A delightful escape for every skin type.  This facial begins with a detailed analysis of your skin.  Thorough cleansing, massage and a perfect mask complete the treatment and leave your skin radiant and healthy-looking.  Great for those who are new to the facial experience
Add a professional, customized mask for $45

The Basic
Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and nourish the skin for a clear, well-hydrated complexion.
80  (45-minute)

Pevonia Stem Cell Facial
Citrus stem cells and a concentrated freeze-dried mask reduce lines and wrinkle depth for a smoother skin surface and long-term protection of skin’s naturally repairing stem cells.  For mature skin with severe aging signs or those who want to avoid them!

Joseph Michael’s Signature Micro-Current Facial
Learn the secret of the savvy celebrity
“A non-surgical face-lift, as seen on Oprah”

Our Signature Micro-Current Facial uses low level micro-current frequencies similar to the natural vibrations produced by our own cells to infuse microscopic droplets of oxygen into the tissue, increasing cell performance while oxygenating and toning the skin.
Enjoy immediate results as fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away, giving the contour of the face a visible lift.
75-minute 125

The Epicuren “Red Carpet” Facial
“Epicuren…Hollywood’s clean little secret” —Harper’s Bazaar
The Epicuren Facial dramatically improves your skin’s elasticity and firmness while stimulating skin cells with increased flow of oxygen and nutrients. Maintain your skin’s youth and vitality with diminished wrinkles and a complexion that glows with the cleaner, healthier radiance of more youthful skin.
75-minute   150

Spa Clinica® Micro Retinol™ Treatment
From acne to aging, retinol can improve the skin dramatically.  Pevonia’s Micro-Retinol™ is a micronized emulsion of retinol that provides a 70% increase in effective delivery to strengthen and boost cells to a healthier state.  The result is dramatically smoother, visibly perfected and immediately brighter skin with a more even tone.
*Highly recommended for optimal results is a series of 5 treatments over a 5 week period.
60-minute treatment   150
Series of 5 treatments   675    (135 per treatment)

Tips:  Avoid sun exposure, abrasive exfoliations or peels and avoid waxing for 48 hours before and after Micro-Retinol™ Treatment.

for Men only Facial
Men’s Fitness Facial.  “Gentlemen prefer Pevonia.”  This complete fitness facial  focuses on cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin.  Our specially trained esthetician will analyze your skin and target problems such as sun exposure, razor burn, sensitivity and in-grown hairs.  The legendary quality of a Pevonia facial…designed exclusively “for him.”

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