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Herbal Green Peel

Enjoy an unbelievable difference in your “new” younger, fresher-looking skin after this incredible peel

Dr. Schrammek’s Herbal Green Peel is a medically developed, biologically based skin regeneration peel using exclusively pure natural ingredients. The Green Peel uses intense exfoliation to loosen and eliminate the upper layers of clogged and dull-looking skin, improve circulation and increase your body’s collagen production.  Any skin condition- from hyper-pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles to acne- will benefit from this miraculous Green Peel.

Included in the pricing of the Green Peel is a 30 minute Follow-Up Treatment 5 days post-peel.

*Complimentary consultation prior to booking is required
75 minutes  $400

Series of 3 Peels  $350 each

Dr. Schrammek’s Vital Beauty Treatment

“Our Fountain of Youth”

Dr. Schrammek’s Vital Beauty Treatment introduces the Green Peel herbs for an all-in-one therapeutic facial. A gentle complexion refresher, increased absorption for active ingredients or effective hydration of the skin are just a few of the many possibilities in this ‘vital’ treatment.  Completely customizable for any and all skin types, the Vital Beauty Treatment is great as an introduction to the Green Peel herbs or as maintenance between the Green Peel.
1 hr $150