11046504_735015606632588_4602342407157393931_nMarcia is simply joy in a (nail polish) bottle. She has a smile that makes you want to smile right back and a laugh (or should we say giggle) that is contagious. Looking back, it makes absolute sense that when first asked, “Why do you do nails?” she said, with confidence, “Because I love to do nails. I do it for love.” Marcia’s favorite service is pedicures. We think we know why…she gets to pamper you that much longer! Marcia comes to Joseph Michael’s with over 5 years’ experience at an upscale spa on the north side. She can offer you a magnificent manicure or an oh-so-pampering pedicure, all with the charm that comes so naturally to her. We imagine being from Rio de Janeiro, with it’s beautiful beaches and famous festivals, probably has something to do with Marcia’s blissful disposition. It was also her drive and ambition that brought her to Chicago 10 years ago. She has made Chicago her home, where she pampers her daughters and enjoys her favorite things, cooking, dancing and music, with the same gusto she brings to Joseph Michael’s every day. Meet Marcia and you will know why she is now a part of the Joseph Michael’s family!

Marcia works Wednesday through Saturday and alternating Sundays.