As corny as it sounds, we like to consider ourselves a “family.”  When we really think about it, that’s what we are.  We spend more waking hours with our co-workers than we do with most of our relatives…more even than with our spouses, significant others, and life partners.  So, whether we like it or not, our co-workers experience — and are — a huge part of our lives.  How fortunate we are then to spend such a significant chunk of our lives with people like Margaret, who just happens to also be our sister (in-law) and the wife of our Head Massage Therapist, Danny.  That is one seriously talented family!   Her talent as an esthetician is unmistakable, spanning from Europe to the States for over a decade.  She first developed her skills in Poland and ultimately refined them here in the States with Joseph Michael’s, Pevonia, Epicuren and Bio Therpeutics.  Margaret’s signature service is the Micro-current Facial.  Celebrities from both coasts seek out Margaret while in Chicago for the effortless glow and ageless results it’s advanced technology, coupled with Margaret’s expert touch, provide.  As we’ve seen countless (too many) times in this industry, the finest technical skills are simply tools and are worthless if there is no heart.  Margaret bridges both her personal and professional lives with a simple desire:  to help people feel better about themselves.  We often tease Margaret and Danny about working together, but you know what?  They thrive in an environment where the same love and passion that fuels their successful marriage also fuels their successful careers.  We have no doubt that you will immediately sense that Margaret is indeed a fellow traveler…and more than that, a welcome sister…with skills…and heart.