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Master Stylist

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the perfect alternative to traditional hair extensions.

The Benefits of the micro ring technique.

MicroRingExtenstionsimagesThe process takes 1-2 hours to complete. This method uses no adhesives, glues, or heat and there is no damage to your own hair. The rings are matched to the color of your own hair. Micro rings are safe for ALL textures from fine straight hair to thick coarse hair. Using only a small ring that is clamped down on minute strands of your own hair, these extensions are more easily removed and less time consuming to maintain.  The micro ring method is perfect for adding volume to limp or fine hair or adding accent pieces for a pop of color or a trendy statement (remember the feather trend?)

The Micro Ring hair extensions technique ensures that your own hair can grow naturally and there is no damage to your hair. This technique of applying your hair extensions ensures that your hair extensions looks as natural as your own hair.

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