We Have New (and improved) Online Booking!

Things to keep in mind when you’re booking online….

  • You are able to schedule all services!  Please make sure you know the type of color service you normally do (you can always call or email us to check your history) before scheduling online.
  • When booking a color service, please make sure you enter the color portion of the service first, then add your Haircut, Style Finish or complimentary Quick Dry Finish.  If you do not account for a finish time, you may have to set up at the blow-dry station and dry your own hair.  It is important to enter the color service first, followed by the finishing service of a haircut or style.
  • It is important that you use the same email address that we have on file for you.  If you have more than one address, please call or email us to check the one we have on file.  This will assure that your online account is linked to our client profile for you.  Otherwise, you will end up with two separate client profiles in our system.
  • We converted to this new booking software on January 1st.  Unfortunately, client sales and service history could not be moved from our old system to the new one.  You will not be able to access any sales history for yourself online that happened before January 1, 2016.  However, we have elected to maintain access to our old booking system until the end of April.  If you would like any information that is in your sales or service history prior to 2016, please call or email us.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty your first time using online booking, or if you would like us to set up your account for you, please call or email and we will help walk you through the process!

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