The following letter is for the husbands, sons, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, boyfriends, and ALL MALES who want to celebrate the mothers they love—or merely the maternal nature in a woman they adore—be her family, friend, or soul mate.


Feel free to forward this to your husbands, boyfriends, or sons (cutting this portion of the article off) to assist your well-meaning men to give you the gift you’d really like this Mother’s Day—letting them think it’s their idea, of course! Better yet, print and place on his pillow, under his dinner plate, or tape to his television, making notation next to the services you would most appreciate.

Trust me, ladies. He’s looking to us to make it easier to celebrate YOU!


…by Char Panico Muffitt

Okay guys…you’ve been asking, so we’re here to help! Spring flowers are blooming and your beautiful wives, moms, grandmas, daughters, and mom-like sisters all over the country are being celebrated this month. What to get your special lady? Art is too subjective, the clothes may not fit, and she’s got plenty of soap. The good news? You don’t have to spend a fortune to get her a gift she’ll remember for a lifetime and even brag about to her friends.

With a plethora of options of salon or spa gifts, we’ve broken it down into easy-to-do ideas any man could (and should) do:

  • A la Carte ServicesUnless you’re absolutely sure she wants another haircut, color, perm, or waxing, if it falls under the category of “maintenance” we are not recommending this gift any more than you’d buy her a vacuum cleaner—unless she’s requesting it—this Mother’s Day. Think pampering, gentlemen! Ideas include manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, make-up application, or blow-dry/style to name a few, and prices can start as low as $25.

Tip: Pre-Natal Massage for moms-to-be is always a big winner!
  • Day of Beauty/Spa Packages. Most spas have already compiled relaxing combinations of services, making it easy for you to give her ‘Queen for a day’ treatment. These are easy one-step shopping where you can trust she will be pampered to the premium.  Spa Days or Packages can be purchased as a gift certificate to use whenever she likes, or you can always pre-plan a surprise day and just drop her off for her scheduled day without a clue of the indulgence that awaits her.
Package examples from Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa:
The “Essence (2 hours)
The “Awareness” (4 hours plus light lunch)
The “Transcendence” (6 hours plus light lunch)
  • Customized Combos.  Most salons and spas can help you customize something special.  Think about her particular habits or favorite things and create a one-of-a-kind gift just for her.  For example, if she is always complaining about her “frizzy” hair or spends massive amounts of time with a blow dryer and straight iron, look into the Keratin Hair Smoothing service to tame her unruly locks.  Great Lengths Hair Extensions are the perfect idea for someone who wants long hair, and wants it now, but can’t seem to get her hair to comply!  The Microcurrent Facial is an incredibly pampering service that leaves her immediately radiant and feeling 10 years younger. Or let her do the mixing and matching—with or without a spending cap—and allow the expert receptionists to assist you in setting it up.
  • Product Gift Boxes or Bags. Her bathroom may look full of bottles and jars of cleansers and creams, but many women avoid the luxury hair and skin products because of their high price.  If you want to give her the gift that keeps on giving (at least for a few months) give her a luxurious body lotion or top-of-the-line hair products that she would never splurge on herself.

Note: While tipping is never mandatory, consider including a customary 15-20% gratuity (cash only) with your gift in the event your giftee wishes to show her stylist or technician her extended appreciation.

Remember, gentlemen…this is Mother’s Day! This is the day where we show her how much we love, need and appreciate her!  For effortless gift-giving, purchase a salon or spa gift certificate online. With the beauty of the internet, you can find a great establishment wherever she lives and have it emailed or mailed right to her.  For something more customized, call her favorite get-a-way spot (or research a great salon or spa online) and let the experts there guide you to the perfect gift.

(And ladies, there might be a Mr. Mom in your life who would enjoy some pampering as well!)

ATTENTION! Joseph Michael’s is the first to offer the Virtual “Skype” Consultation to speak LIVE one-on-one, with any staff member about particular salon or spa services, products, or specialties. While we encourage everyone to visit the salon for always-free in-person consultations, being able to make an appointment to chat with a salon professional from the comfort of your preferred location, at no charge, was such an innovative idea that we were featured in American Salon magazine for being the first to offer it in Chicago!

Call us, email us, or schedule a video chat with of us for your questions about hair, skin, or nail services and feel free to drop us a line with your ideas for topics you want to read more about.


Char Panico Muffitt, author and educator, is Joseph Michael’s Hair Color & Texture Specialist. In addition to happily serving clientele, she is presenting her PERSONALITY POWER image seminar to groups all over Chicago. You can view her detailed bio, along with all of our amazing talent here
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