Stacie Lynch Yarosz

StacieAction2After the world’s longest interview (about 4 hours after all was told), we somehow convinced Stacie that Joseph Michael’s was the only salon she should even consider.  Luckily, she agreed!  Not only is Stacie one of the sweetest, most sincere people you’ll ever meet- the girl’s got talent!  Luckily, for us (and you) this die-hard Steelers fan took the leap to leave Pittsburgh where she grew up to “experience new things and different cultures”.  And has she ever!  After leaving her first salon of 3 years in Pittsburgh, Stacie worked exclusively with Nicole Miller as a Bridal Specialist in Virginia and New York before making a name for herself at the award-winning Salon Daniel in Virginia.  At Salon Daniel, Stacie not only had the opportunity to work on politicians, Ambassadors and government officials (she was even requested by the Princess of Arabia!), she was also recruited to do events at both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and did hair and make-up for photo shoots in and around Washington DC.   With so much already under her belt you would think she was, well…tired.  Not our Stacie!  Before making Chicago her new home, Stacie decided to take advantage of the opportunity to attend an intense 8-week cutting and coloring class at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, CA.  When she finally made it to Chicago, we had the opportunity to meet and experience Stacie’s talent first-hand and realize she is something special.  Her talents extend beyond creating fabulous hair to makeup, and even airbrush makeup, as well as working as an intern in our Marketing Department.  Starting in our crazy industry at age 15 as a receptionist, Stacie knew she loved being in the salon and started her own career as a Stylist in 2001.  Stacie loves Chicago ‘for the amazingly genuine people and, of course, the food.  One of my favorite things is to try new and different kinds of food…I came to the perfect city!”  We have no doubt that you will fall in love with Stacie just as we did.  Not only will you walk out our doors looking amazing, you’ll feel it too.

Stacie’s men’s haircuts are $57 and women’s are $87, colors start at $81 and highlights from $130.
Great Lengths® Hair Extensions by consultation.
Make-up services and pricing.