Grey hair can be FUN & SEXY! by Master Stylist Daniel Paterno

by Dan Paterno

Many times I’m asked by clients if they could wear their grey hair natural and not tinted. I have a short list of questions that I like to run down to help us consider all the options for either going grey, or wearing your grey hair with a little “enhancement.” Here’re some things I like […]

Not Your Mother’s Perm, by Char Panico-Muffitt

by Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa

For the past few years, the carpal tunnel in my wrist indicated the trend…super-straight, overly tamed locks.  Alas, as fashion moves forward (or back around, again) so do we.  Today it’s all about the “beachy” soft wave and curl; an effortless look that isn’t really all that effortless for a lot of us.  Surf sprays […]

PRESS RELEASE June 6, 2013 The Virtual Consultation

     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa introduces Virtual Consultations CHICAGO, IL J une 5, 2013 – Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa presents the latest in Image Consulting with the Virtual Consultation. The age-old battle between hair salon and new client is no more!  Joseph […]

The Virtual Consultation

By George, we got it!!  The solution to the age-old battle between hair salon and new client…the consultation…is virtually over.  Trust me, we have always known that, for the client, it can be an inconvenience and that even we, ourselves, would not want to spend the time to travel to the salon during our hectic […]