Traditional Forms of Payment

Joseph Michael’s Gift Certificates
We accept Joseph Michael’s Online Gift Certificates as well as our own hand-written Gift Certificates.
Please note that prices for services on a gift certificate are guaranteed for 6 months.  After 6 months, or even the expiration of a gift certificate, we will gladly accept the certificate and will pass on any price difference from original purchase to the certificate holder.

Spa Finder Gift Certificates
We accept Spa Finder Gift Certificates towards spa services only.  *We do not accept Spa Finder Gift Certificates towards hair or nail services or retail products.
Please be patient when redeeming your Spa Finder Gift Certificate.  We will take a little extra time to verify your Spa Finder Gift Certificate on before completing your ticket with us.

Donated Gift Certificates
These are most likely hand-written gift certificates that you received at a charity event or fund raiser.  Please check the certificate closely for any special instructions such as technician, designated service, days available for use, etc… and mention these when scheduling your services.  Donated gift certificates do not have a cash value and may only be used for the service intended when donated.

Thank you for your kind gesture of leaving a gratuity for your hard-working Stylist or Technician.  Please keep in mind that we can only accept cash gratuities.  We have an ATM for your convenience.