Neung2013One of our all-time favorite movie concepts was “Little Buddha.”  If you are not familiar with the movie, the story follows a young Tibetan Buddhist priest, or lama, and his search for his reincarnated, much beloved teacher.  The monks narrow the search to three children located in countries around the world and ultimately realize that the teacher had returned in each child.  The little girl, full of vim and vigor and goodness beyond reproach, could very well be our own “little Buddha,” Neung – or as we love to tease her in the Polish diminutive “Neuncha.”  Neung first joined us as an assistant back at the turn of the millennium.  We immediately fell in love with her and felt that we had known her all our lives…and perhaps in a few previous.  “Exemplary” can only begin to describe her work ethic, her character and her loyalty and devotion.  We believe in “karma” here and are humbled that something we may have done in the past brought such a gift to us.  Imagine our joy when Neung told us she was interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry and that she wanted to remain here with us.  We have watched her study and learn with a passion found only in those who appreciate and devour life’s opportunities; we’ve seen her meticulously hone her skills as a nail technician; and for years, we’ve witnessed the nurturing she brings to each of us and our clients.  How fortunate to dream together and to journey side by side.  Somewhere, we have no doubt, Siddhartha must be smiling.


Neung works Tuesday through Saturday.

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